Pet Society is not in beta mode anymore!!

Log in to your facebook version of Pet Society. After it loads, a big Pet Society logo will come out. Notice how it’s not in beta mode anymore??

<– Jen is happy for Playfish & Pet Society!


A Surprise for Jen & Hideeni is back!

Today, when I logged on to Pet Society, Jen received a nice surprise! It was a black fuzzy Russian hat. Jen was so happy! Below is Jen dancing with glee:


Log in today to get your Russian hat! And what do y’all think about the hat? Cute? Awesome?

Okay, so the second great news is that HIDEENI IS BACK, and this time he’s bringing us nesting dolls! Have your pets collected any?

Log in to Pet Society for Facebook here 🙂

Imperial Palace Week!!

Next week will be the Imperial Palace Week, and Jen can’t wait!  Below are some of the items that are already available in the game:

this is the Imperial Palace Chandelier, which Jen is already building:

Isn’t it beautiful! But wait ’till you see this Fuzzy Pink Russian Hat that are into the boxes:

<–isn’t it beautiful?

and there is also a town forest update, the Fuzzy White Russian Hat, which Jen is still looking for:

<– Jen and I are still looking for this beautiful hat!

There are also some other awesome items that are not in stores yet that I have to talk about…well, I am just going to tell you the limited-edition items, so I don’t spoil the week!

<–look at this awesome limited edition COIN ITEM, the white bat outfit!!!

<–and how about this pretty Imperial Princess Bundle!

I almost forgot about the gorgeous free gift! Resell value: 99 coins:

<–the Red Imperial Castle Candlestick!

As much as I love this week, I have to say Jen is a tiny bit disappointed because almost all the awesome items are for playfish cash. But don’t get me wrong, Pet Society Fans: a lot of great items are still out there for coins! 🙂 -Jen

Some Last Week in Stores items!

Below is the list of some last week in stores items, so be sure to buy them before they’re gone forever!

1. In the Market – Cool Stuff Section, from left to right:

Wooden Cello, Elegant Wooden Piano and Wooden Harp.


Jen is sad to see them go! Are you?

2. In the Hair Stylist Section of the Clothing Shop:

the Bunches Wig is on sale.


3. In the Accessories section of the Clothing Shop, the Golden Monocle and the Black Earphone are on sale.

4. In the glow in the dark section of Mystery, the Luminous Pink Heart String is on sale.

<–Luminous Pink Heart String in use.

Thank you for reading our blog today, and we hope you have enjoyed it!

Hello Pet Society Fans!

This is a brand new Pet Society blog that I think pet society fans would enjoy. First off, I am going to introduce you to my pet, Jen!

This is what she looks like:

she is very happy to meet you all!

I will update this blog every week or more often, so be sure to check back often to visit Jen!

Thank you for coming by today – Jen sure appreciates it!!